Bill Gates: Windows 95 Was 'A High Point'

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NT 4.0 was ok, but for me Windows 2000 was the coolest thing ever since I 
could  have stability AND play games on it. Playing with the W2K betas was 
fun, never got excited about a MS OS since then.

Speaking of games Windows 95 was a huge shift in the world because while I 
got used to apps on Windows 3.11 (WFW) I still had to shut down to DOS to 
play games. Win 95 integrated gaming video and sound along with joystick 
configuration and soon every game would need it to run (one OS for 
everything). There was also a huge explosion of apps for Win95 compared to 
what was around for Win3.x. I think around that time computers finally 
became common in every household so MS benefited from a huge increase in 
retail and OEM sales.

I do recall the hype of Win 95 as I purchased the 95 upgrade soon after it 
was out, and a girl I worked with got me a Win 95 mug around release day.

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On 08/01/2016 05:29 PM, Brad H wrote:
> I would call Win 95 a high point also.  I lived near Toronto at the
> time and remember the unfurling of a huge Win 95 banner down one
> side.  There were events everywhere.  MS was really at their zenith.
> The excitement around that launch was like nothing since.  I believe
> I got swept up and installed it immediately but shortly after removed
> it.  Couldn't get used to the interface.  Eventually for one reason
> or another I had to and did go back to it.  Wasn't the greatest or
> most stable OS and was kind of a half breed at that, but man.. what I
> wouldn't give to feel the anticipation again, the difference between
> it and DOS.  Nothing released on either PC or Mac has come close.

Win95 for those running NT 3.51 was something of a low point.  Compared
to the latter, 95 was a cranky, bug-ridden system that was burdened by
8.3 file names, limited disk size, etc.  I remember BSOD after BSOD when
my NT system ran just fine.  By the next year, when NT 4.0 came out,
there was no comparison.

And 3.51 would run on PPC, MIPS and Alpha platforms.


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