Bill Gates: Windows 95 Was 'A High Point'

Jerry Kemp other at
Mon Aug 1 22:26:52 CDT 2016

Understood.   That was OS/2 2.0 for me, after I had settled into OS/2 1.3

Unix took me longer to warm up to.


On 08/ 1/16 07:29 PM, Brad H wrote:
> I would call Win 95 a high point also. I lived near Toronto at the time and
> remember the unfurling of a huge Win 95 banner down one side. There were events
> everywhere. MS was really at their zenith. The excitement around that launch was
> like nothing since. I believe I got swept up and installed it immediately but
> shortly after removed it. Couldn't get used to the interface. Eventually for one
> reason or another I had to and did go back to it. Wasn't the greatest or most
> stable OS and was kind of a half breed at that, but man.. what I wouldn't give
> to feel the anticipation again, the difference between it and DOS. Nothing
> released on either PC or Mac has come close.
> Brad

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