Copyright act Section 108

jim stephens jwsmail at
Tue Aug 2 02:28:40 CDT 2016

IANAL, and this is way off topic, but needs to be put out as there are a 
lot of ears here that depend on Bitsavers, and probably some of the 
other Museums.

The Copyright office seems to be unhinged with an unrelated matter I 
won't post here (email me off list if you don't know about it), and is 
looking at things with a bad eye towards messing things up.

This is the Section 108, which probably protects libraries and archives 
who have the need to allow copies of works made.  Bitsavers has a slight 
off center of that charter in that they collect stuff in a different way 
than libraries do, but once collected it probably enjoys the protection 
of this part of the Copyright act.

Almost everyone sounds like they are puzzled why it needs messing with, 
and probably does not.  But we should be alert that collateral damage 
from some idiotic revision doesn't include Bitsavers, Boatanchor, or 
countless others.  Manx?


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