RX02 Debugging

Kirk Davis kirkbdavis at me.com
Tue Aug 2 16:06:37 CDT 2016

I’m a noob using RX02’s but thought I’d run this past people that may have debugged them in the past and see if they agree with what I’m finding:

I’m trying to get a RX02 + RX211 + 11/44 going. The RX02 appears to power up OK (fan and motor spinning). I verified I have the DY boot rom in the 44. Attempt booting from the console:

>>>b dy

  17777707 173436

Which halts in the DY boot rom. I look at the base RX211 register:

>>>e 17777170
17777170 104040

From the manual this like the controller is present but the high order bit is set indicating an error

Looking at the status register;

>>>e 17777172
17777172 000010

Bit 3 == RX AC LO - This bit is set by the interface to indicate a power failure in the RX02 sub- system.

So start looking at the RX02 power supply?


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