RX02 Debugging

Paul Anderson useddec at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 17:24:08 CDT 2016

Hi KIrk,

The H771 is a rock solid power supply. I never saw one go bad while in
field service, but they are getting old. Checking the output voltage and
ripple is not a bad idea.

forgive me for asking, but where are you located?  The RX02 had 4 different
power hanesses for i20, 220, 50 hz and 60 hz. Also different belts amd
pulleys.  if any of this is wrong you cn see weird problems. A lot of RX02s
and replacement drives were soul through brokers who never asked or were
never told where the unit was going.  if you aren'y useing 120/60 that
would be my first thought.

Is the problem the same when booting off either drive?  Also check the
switches and the resistors on the head cables.

Good luck, Paul

On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 4:06 PM, Kirk Davis <kirkbdavis at me.com> wrote:

> I’m a noob using RX02’s but thought I’d run this past people that may have
> debugged them in the past and see if they agree with what I’m finding:
> I’m trying to get a RX02 + RX211 + 11/44 going. The RX02 appears to power
> up OK (fan and motor spinning). I verified I have the DY boot rom in the
> 44. Attempt booting from the console:
> >>>b dy
> S
>   17777707 173436
> Which halts in the DY boot rom. I look at the base RX211 register:
> >>>e 17777170
> 17777170 104040
> From the manual this like the controller is present but the high order bit
> is set indicating an error
> Looking at the status register;
> >>>e 17777172
> 17777172 000010
> Bit 3 == RX AC LO - This bit is set by the interface to indicate a power
> failure in the RX02 sub- system.
> So start looking at the RX02 power supply?

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