Transitional Technology SCSI controller

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Tue Aug 2 19:14:11 CDT 2016

On Aug 2, 2016 4:39 PM, "Glen Slick" <glen.slick at> wrote:
> On Aug 2, 2016 4:31 PM, "Douglas Taylor" <dj.taylor4 at> wrote:
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> > I have an S-Box Q-bus SCSI controller made by Transitional Technology,
it is missing two socketed chips; the PROM and what I think is a static RAM
chip, both 28 pins.  Does anyone have the HEX file of the PROM?  Does
anyone know what the RAM chip is?  I curious to take a shot and see if this
thing works.
> >
> > The board doesn't have jumpers, is it hardwired to some CSR? Thanks.
> >
> > Doug
> >
> I have a TTi QTS-30 which is TMSCP tape only. No MSCP disk support. If
there are no jumpers (I don't have it front of me to check at the moment)
then it must be soft configurable through the 10-pin serial port interface.
> Post a picture of your board or send me one direct and I'll see if it
looks the same as my board. If it is I can dump the EPROM firmware in mine
for you. Maybe two EPROMs for 16-bit wide firmware.

Responding to my own previous post.

First, it is a TTi QTS-3, not QTS-30. The plain dual wide version without
the S-Box handles is the QTS-1.

Second, I can confirm that the CSR address is configured through the 10-pin
serial port.

Last, there is a single firmware EPROM. The other 28-pin socket is an 8KB
SRAM.  A Fujitsu 8464A on one of my boards and an Inmos IMS1630P on the
other. Any standard 8KB SRAM of same or better speed (didn't check the
speed grade) would likely be fine.

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