HP 2100A Restoration

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yes we used to at computer exchange inc... we had a bunch of   blank  I/o 
boards with the   i/o  special chips  traces  on the  corner of  board  we  
would populate that portion  then  built out the rest.....  rest of  board  
was   like a prototype  board   I scored a stack of them at a  san  jose 
computer   junk show  one  time.
we have voice synth that  would   plug into ho using natl.  digitaker chip 
set  built onto one of these i/o  proto  boards....  they were all gold  
plated etc.... which I still have  some...   we  do have the  first   talker   
we  built though  ... if you score  some of these boards   most of  the 
startup of  the  project is taken care of!
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On  another note, has anyone ever tried making their own I/O boards for any
of  the 2100 series computers? The closest I found  was
http://newton.freehostia.com/hp/ where he makes a paper tape emulator  and
disk interface. However both of those are designed to connect to  an
existing I/O board like the "microcircuit interface". I haven't  seen
anything yet on how to interface to the I/O bus, but then again there  are
thousands of pages of manuals still to browse  through.

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