VCF West tickets

Chris Hanson cmhanson at
Wed Aug 3 11:52:46 CDT 2016

Any word on how the admission will work for those of us who prepaid?

Do we need to show our PayPal receipt, just have our ID with the same name, etc.?

  -- Chris

> On Jul 31, 2016, at 9:41 AM, Alan Hightower <alan at> wrote:
> Yes, please clarify both the CHM admission and how my Paypal receipt
> email will translate into admission in various places. 
> On 2016-07-31 12:03, Ali wrote: 
>> Hold on a second I thought CHM admission was included in the price of the ticket. Also, is it saying that you have to be a CHM member and buy CHM tickets to get half off (i.e. just buying on the day of admission is not enough) otherwise I agree with Bill those of us who bought our tickets early you are being screwed.
>> -Ali

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