PDP-8 _Introduction_to_Programming_ & _Programming_Languages_(Scanned) Covers Needed

Anders Sandahl anders at abc80.net
Wed Aug 3 12:36:25 CDT 2016

>Does anyone have DEC's PDP-8 _Introduction_to_Programming_, Editions 3
>and/or 4 and/or the PDP-8 _Programming_Languages_ handbooks?
>If you're not willing to part with your copy, could you scan the front
>covers of these handbooks and tell me which Edition(s) they are from?  >I'm
>especially looking for the front cover that had the "format generator
>program" printed on it in the background.
>I'm also looking for DEC's PDP-8 _Programming_Languages_.  If you are not
>willing to part with them, could you scan the front cover and tell me >which
>Edition(s) it/they are from?

I have the second, fourth and fifth edition of "introduction to
programming". The fourth and fifth edition looks the same. I'll send a
scanned cover of fourth edition to Bob.

I'm not willing to part with any of them.


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