Random stuff in Belgium

Alexandre Souza alexandre.tabajara at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 06:39:23 CDT 2016

These are MSX computers, with VERY VERY VERY RARE options. I'd give one of
my eyes for that cassete recorder and one of the robot arms :D

2016-08-04 8:16 GMT-03:00 Jonathan Katz <jon at jonworld.com>:

> All,
> I was surfing our local website which is essentially "Belgian Craigslist"
> and found some vintage ads. I'm curious about this and too lazy to google
> on my own. It looks like these are Sony PCs with robot arms which can be
> controlled?
> http://www.2ememain.be/informatique-jeux-vid%C3%A9o/bureautique/286-et-plus-anciens/msx-computers-onderdelen-299603209.html
> He's about 50-60km from me if someone wants/needs me to snag anything. If
> there is other stuff around here you're interested in, please let me know.
> --
> -Jon
> +32 0 486 260 686

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