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... Same here; I long for the good old days when they just asked where you were born...

So, looks like you've pretty well finished your TV typewriters, so can I assume that you don't want/need any of the MDS etc. keyboard stuff we talked about long ago?

Also, since you're into SWTPC stuff, would you be interested in an AC-30 to go between your CT-1024 and 6800 (assuming I can find it)?


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> Thanks Jim!
> Wish I could go but I'm up in BC and haven't renewed my passport in a couple of years. One of these days for sure though.
> Brad
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> On 8/3/2016 10:58 PM, Brad H wrote:
>> Thought I would post this here in case it reaches eyes my forum posts don't. So I finally got my hands on a SWTPC 6800!
>> This machine is chock full of boards.. 4 ram boards, the cpu card (with SWTBUG ROM), MP-S, MP-C serial cards, a floppy controller, some little custom board, a sound card.. etc.
>> This presents some challenges obviously, since the machine has been altered from stock it could be tricky getting it running.
>> Before I had it stripped down, I tried powering up as is (i pulled the older MP-C card and put MP-S in slot 1). This produced little except for a string of random characters that would repeat every time I hit reset, exactly the same number.
>> I tried stripping it down to CPU card, MP-S, and the RAM board designated as '0'.. but all I get at the terminal end is a single random character on power up.
>> I then thought I'd try my luck putting the CPU card in my working MSI system (taking out its card). Nope.
>> Now, because my CPU card has been modified to accomodate SWTBUG and possibly something else, I'm not sure if it'll even work in a stripped down config. Not sure about the interplay between boards.
>> Anyway.. if anyone has any thoughts to point me in the right direction I'd be most appreciative. Ultimately I'd like to get this beast working with my CT1024 terminals.
>> Brad
> I saw an SWTPC booth registered at VCF West, maybe you should drop by. 
> I'll look in and see what they have and maybe they can help too.
> Only SWTPC gizmo I have is one of their audio amplifiers somewhere in 
> the pile. Picked up at TRW Swap Meet.
> Thanks
> jim

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