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I don't recognize it, but I collect APL (and LISP) memorabilia and am interested in it. 
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Speaking of keyboards, I have an APL keyboard here but can't remember what terminal it's for: 

Connects via a DA-15; made by Keytronic but can't see any other meaningful markings. 

Anybody recognize it, or interested in it for that matter? 


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> On 7/28/16 9:50 AM, Todd Killingsworth wrote: 
>> Interesting to look over his stuff, but if he's sold anything I've not 
>> heard about it. 
> Thanks. I've been working on terminal archiving and simulation the past couple of 
> weeks, and I'm sure there are parts in there I could use. 
> Terminals have reached the other side of the bathtub curve, and keyboard prices 
> are insane. I've been really disappointed in the ones I've been buying off eBay. 
> One of them was literally filled with sawdust, another covered in machine oil 
> from it being used in a machine shop. 

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