Bill Gates: Windows 95 Was 'A High Point'

Jerry Kemp other at
Thu Aug 4 17:46:08 CDT 2016

In a similar, but completely unrelated story, I have an un-opened can of J.R. 
(Ewing) beer from the "Dallas" TV show from the 1970's.

"If you have to ask how much it cost, you probably can't afford it"

Maybe one day our paths will cross and we can pop-the-top on our old beer cans.

Everything else being equal, I would trade my can for a new/current vintage 
Sapporo that I could drink!


On 08/ 3/16 11:53 PM, Ian S. King wrote:
> I have a can of Sapporo beer with the Win 95 logo - not a sticker, part of
> the 'paint job' of the can!  It's still full, too - I've never been a big a
> fan of Sapporo, it's obviously cooler as a 'complete' artifact, and by now
> that stuff in there must be incredibly funky....

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