IBM Diskette OEM Information manuals wanted

Eric Smith spacewar at
Sat Aug 6 00:19:01 CDT 2016

Does anyone happen to have the IBM Diskette OEM Information manuals:
    GA21-9190  one-sided
    GA21-9257  two-sided

I'm specifically NOT looking for the Diskette General Information
Manual, GA21-9182, unless someone has an edition earlier than Fourth
or later than Sixth.

The OEM Information manuals were the definitive reference for the
track formats for eight-inch diskettes. Generally equivalent
information is available from a lot of later sources, including ECMA,
ISO, and ANSI standards, and from vendor datasheets and application
notes for floppy drives and floppy disk controller chips, though I've
encountered a number of inaccuracies in vendor documentation.

The ECMA standards are available online. I'm interested in the IBM OEM
information manuals primarily for historical reasons, not because I'm
missing any particular technical information.


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