Video From VCF West

Sun Aug 7 13:28:33 CDT 2016

OK!   thanks Charles!  appreciate it! 
Thanks  to  all   for the videos and photos !
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> Folks! in the opening  part  of this movie Jim pans past a large   white
> front panel  with  leds and switches  looks   like   form a  Honeywell
> series...
> more  details or a close up and   ask the owner more about it please?
It's part of Jim  Stephens' collection, and was lent to me for VCF. It is a
maintenance panel  off a 6180 series machine, like the panels in your

The  roller is missing.

The text in the upper left reads "ADDRESS/SAMPLE  TALLY CONDITIONS"

I'll take some pictures and send you a  link.

-- Charles

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