TRS-80 Trash Talk - Live Episode

drlegendre . drlegendre at
Sun Aug 7 18:49:07 CDT 2016

What sort of stuff do you tend to cover? My interest in Tandy / RS machines
is mostly limited to the Model 100/102 machines, with which I have some

The Model 100 line are my "favorite" of the early pre-PC / DOS portables.
The dang things are just so friendly and usable.. and what kind of modern
laptop / netbook boasts a full-stroke keyboard and 30+ HR battery life?
They have some seriously practical features, and the small screen & RAM
space isn't really all that limited with the programming conventions and
ethos of that era.

On Sun, Aug 7, 2016 at 11:01 AM, Peter Cetinski <pete at> wrote:

> We’re going to be recording a live episode of TRS-80 Trash Talk next
> Saturday, Aug 13th at 9pm EDT.  If you’re into any of the machines from
> Tandy Radio Shack then stop by and join the fun.

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