TRS-80 Trash Talk - Live Episode

Sun Aug 7 21:29:30 CDT 2016

I am up for some  100/102  talk!  That unit is actually  a big interest as 
not only 
are they vintage computers, but  they  fit in another of   our  displays, 
"The tools of the journalist" . As a matter of   fact  we are  looking  for 
to go in the display in our  university's  journalism college we have 
It  does not need to  work  just  look nice!  There  RS Computers were a 
great tool  to remotely post stories... and the 100  fit in any  carry on 
let us  know if there  is a unit  you can share!
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drlegendre at writes:

What  sort of stuff do you tend to cover? My interest in Tandy / RS machines
is  mostly limited to the Model 100/102 machines, with which I have  some

The Model 100 line are my "favorite" of the early  pre-PC / DOS portables.
The dang things are just so friendly and usable..  and what kind of modern
laptop / netbook boasts a full-stroke keyboard and  30+ HR battery life?
They have some seriously practical features, and the  small screen & RAM
space isn't really all that limited with the  programming conventions and
ethos of that era.

On Sun, Aug 7, 2016  at 11:01 AM, Peter Cetinski <pete at> wrote:

> We’re  going to be recording a live episode of TRS-80 Trash Talk next
>  Saturday, Aug 13th at 9pm EDT.  If you’re into any of the machines  from
> Tandy Radio Shack then stop by and join the fun.

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