Livingston PortMaster 2e

ethan at ethan at
Mon Aug 8 09:08:58 CDT 2016

> My experience with Livingston PortMasters was a great experience. 
> PortMasters, Cisco 2511 w/Octopus cables, and lots of US Robotics modems 
> encompassed my early ISP experiences.
> If I recall correctly, Livingston came up with the RADIUS authentication 
> protocol, and open-sourced it for us all to enjoy.
> Lots of fun with RADIUS and TACACS in its various forms.  I have not had the 
> opportunity to work with the DIAMETER protocol yet.
> Thanks for sharing.
> Jerry

I have a few PM-25E fan out cables and maybe a PM-25 that could probably 
use a home!

Ethan O'Toole

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