Honeywell 440

Mon Aug 8 16:45:54 CDT 2016

I would  certainly buy that  desk and panel  and get it back  to phoenix! 
who ever has it/ ended up with it please contact us off list.
Being that  we  are in the home of  GE  computer in the  Metro Phx arrea we 
strive to  bring  some  of these things   back  for  display...
It was sad watching them hack up all the off lease  systems that  came  
back  at apache street.  I  even  saw some 210  225  etc etc   stuff  hacked 
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aek at writes:

According to the Computers and Automation census, the first  delivery of the
440 T/S was Jul, 69. After the sale, it shows up in the  census under 
as the G440 T/S. It's a pretty rare machine. It  dissappears in Mar '72 
with no
known installations.

On 8/8/16 2:23  PM, Al Kossow wrote:
> and Honeywell bought the GE computer operation in  1970.
> I'd have to do more research to see if the 400-series was  still
> being produced after the purchase.
> On 8/8/16  2:18 PM, Al Kossow wrote:
>> On 8/8/16 1:48  PM, william degnan wrote:
>>> Jim and Sherman  (?),
>>> I checked and I don't have anything on  the Honeywell 440 or anything 
like a
>>> re-branded Honeywell sold  by GE.
>> It is a GE 400-series control  console
>> you can see the maint panel on page 281  of

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