VCFMW 11 Updates and Special Guest

Jason T silent700 at
Mon Aug 8 20:27:29 CDT 2016

Hello retro fans - we are approaching the one month point before the
Eleventh Vintage Computer Festival Midwest and plans are quickly
coming together.  Here are a few announcements and updates to bring
you up to speed:

- We're happy to announce our very special guest speaker, former
Commodore engineer, Bil Herd!  Bil will deliver an entertaining
90-minute talk and Q&A on his time at Commodore and his many
post-Commodore adventures in engineering that continue today.

- We are going to be packed FULL!  And that means full of great
exhibits, including the ones listed here:
The main hall's tables are all accounted for but there will be some
unassigned space in one of the side rooms for late-comers and
impromptu displays.

- VCFMW Auction - an experiment last year, now a feature!  Quality
entertainment and a fundraiser for the show, 4pm Saturday will see
another auction of donated items at low starting bids.  If you have
items you wish to donate for auction, please get in touch with show
organizers Friday night or early Saturday.  Auctions items need not be
classic computing related.  No registration is required for the

- The Free Pile tradition continues!  One corner of the "Grove" side
room ( will be dedicated to
the infamous Free Pile - leave your junk there but be prepared to take
it home if it's still there Sunday afternoon!  No printers, please!

- Hotel rooms are still available at the $84/night convention rate;
please follow the link at or use the code "VCF" when
calling the hotel; if you are unable to obtain the con rate, please
let me know as I may have to ask the hotel to expand the reservation

- We remind you that VCF Midwest is a community-funded show; we
receive no funding from any other organization.  If you appreciate
what we do and you are able, please visit the donation links on our
site at

Please feel free to help us get the word out and re-post this message
in your favorite vintage-related forum.  Thank you for your interest
and support and we'll see you in September!


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