Tape imaging

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Aug 10 09:51:22 CDT 2016

>> fwiw, I made my own format when I archived all my old tapes.  [...]
> congratulations, you reinvented .tap format.. badly.

Now, now, no need to be harsh.  I daresay this format was intended for
purposes somewhat different from .tap's and thus its tradeoffs were
made differently.

I invented a similar slightly different format myself, once (it was to
represent tapes in a software-simulated tape drive; it was much like
the format whose description I cut, above, except that each record had
its length after as well as before it, to make backward skips easy -
something not important and not worth spending storage space on if
you're just trying to archive existing tapes' data).

> how did you handle unreadable blocks.

Quite possibly not at all, since it appears to have been intended for
archiving readable tapes.

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