Atlanta Open House Tomorrow

Jay West jwest at
Wed Aug 10 18:25:16 CDT 2016

I'm reposting this because I set the time on the classiccmp server
incorrectly (forgot to add 12). Just in case the important post below showed
up earlier in folks inbox, I wanted to make sure it showed up.


I'm posting this on behalf of Cindy at Elecplus


I can't post to cctalk when I am away from home. I am in Atlanta, and the
owner of the warehouse hs agreed to let people come in tomorrow. Please can
you post the following for me?


First come first served, no shipping on the really cheap items. Model M
101/103 terminal keyboards $10 each, no cracked cases, may not have complete
caps. Hundreds of keyboards for other terminals starting at $30 each, tested
and complete. A full pallet of AEK 1 and 2 keyboards


More expensive items include a Burroughs keyboard, complete and in good
condition, a 1978 terminal in working condition, and the following
terminals/keyboards, tested, no screen burn, keyboards are complete. DEC
VT100 (no keyboards), 220, 320, 420.Wyse 50 and 60 with keyboards. Qume 62
and 101+ with keyboards.Link MC2 and 3 with keyboards. ADDS 4000 with
keyboards. HP 700/22, 700/43, 700/60, 700/90, 700/92, 700/94, 700/96 with


LOTS of working vintage test equip. Some pics are here:


Thank you!





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