VAX file format conversion

emanuel stiebler emu at
Thu Aug 11 15:26:06 CDT 2016

On 2016-08-11 14:08, Douglas Taylor wrote:
> I have a MicroVax 4000 that I am trying to update the license PAKs on,
> the last time I had valid PAKs on this machine was in 2002 (Hobbyist
> Licenses).
> I registered and have received the new Hobbyist License PAKs.
> I connected a laptop and transferred the text file using C-Kermit on the
> VAX and hyperterminal on the laptop.
> When I go to execute the file, I get an error:
> $@hobbyist-use-only-va.txt
> %RMS-W-RTB 512 bye record to large for user buffer
> It appears that when the file was transferred it showed up on the vax
> with fixed length records of 512 bytes, not variable length.
> Can I convert the file on the VAX?
> Is there a setting for C-Kermit that I need to change?
> Is Hyperterminal screwing things up?

I usually just send it a textfile, so open the editor, put it in input 
mode, download the file, save it. Don't forget, to make a dealy after 
every <CR> ...

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