SWTPC keyboard foil patterns

Brad H vintagecomputer at bettercomputing.net
Thu Aug 11 16:32:09 CDT 2016

Hey guys,
In Don Lancaster's 'Low cost keyboard and ascii encoder' article (Apr 1974), he mentions in the parts list that the SWTPC keyboard mentioned in the article had foil patterns available, full size, free on request.  I was wondering if anyone out there had them or knew where they might be found.  I checked SWTPC and Tinaja but they only have the article.  I've emailed Don in case he had them but probably doubtful.
Reason I ask is I was rather pleased with how my original TVT reproduction boards turned out, and I have a second CT1024 terminal here in need of a keyboard.  Rather than rigging something up I thought maybe I could just recreate the PCB.  I can already make the keycaps and the switches themselves are not beyond my ability either.
Many thanks in advance if anyone has these.

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