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> On Thu, 11 Aug 2016, geneb wrote:
> > I think it would be more effective to stuff the spammer into a Brazen
> > Bull and then force his children/family members to light the fire.
> > Televise it across all media outlets.  Spam should slow to a tiny,
> > tiny, trickle after one or two of these little events...

Firstly, there are many types of unwanted e-mail, and using the term SPAM to
cover them all is a dis-service. 
A lot of reported SPAM simply comes from lists folks have signed up to, and
who can't be bothered to un-sign themselves off the list.

The e-mail in question was not one of those, it was almost certainly sent by
a criminal attempting to steal and re-sell some ones credentials.

I am fairly certain the e-mail originated from Sticking that
into an Internet Search engine reports...

IP General Information

IP Address:
ISP: Zapbytes Technologies Pvt.

Geolocation Information

Continent: Asia (AS)
Country: India (IN) IN
City: Delhi
Latitude: 28.6667 (28°40'0.12" N), Longitude: 77.2167 (77°13'0.12" N)

> Spam should reduce when word gets around that spammers are being
> tortured to death.

I doubt it, some one will invent a religion that says tortured spammers get
to heaven first......

> Decriminalize spammercide.
> Spread the word - "spammers are already being murdered."

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