Flex Disc options for the HP 9825

Paul Berger phb.hfx at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 10:15:55 CDT 2016

The cable will come with the GPIO, the one you want is the 98032A option 
085, but if you cannot find one of them any 98032A could be reconfigured 
to support  a 9885. Diskettes are going to be a bigger issue, as per 
hpmuseum.net you will need a 9895 to be able to transfer their image to 
a physical diskette.


On 2016-08-12 5:30 AM, curiousmarc3 at gmail.com wrote:
> I got the HP 9885 single sided disk unit that was at Weird Stuff, thanks for the heads up! Now I just need a parallel interface for the 9825, a cable, the right 8" diskettes, and get my HP-IB 9895 to work... That's a lot of stars to align but that should be fun to try.
> Marc
>> On Jul 24, 2016, at 3:30 AM, David Collins <davidk.collins at bigpond.com> wrote:
>> Guys, I've looked for a 98228A ROM in the HP Computer Museum but haven't
>> been able to find one - but it looks like we've had one at some stage
>> judging by the photo.
>> If I come across it I'll come back to you.
>> David Collins
>> Curator
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>> Thanks, I didn't know, I grabbed the image. That offers a path if I can ever
>> get an 9885 and single sides 8" discs...
>> Marc
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>>> Berger On the hpmuseum.net page for the 98217A ROM here is an image of
>>> what is reputed to be an initialized diskette for use with 9825 and
>>> 98217A http://www.hpmuseum.net/display_item.php?hw=166. When I get my
>>> 9825T I will look into 9885 emulation, I don't think it will be too
>> difficult but
>>> you may still need a GPIO unless I build the whole thing onto a
>>> plug-in card I don't think the GPIO would be too difficult to clone.
>>> But ideally I would still like to get access to a 98228A ROM to dump
>>> and
>> clone
>>> it, even though it is bank switched it should still be possible.
>>> Paul.

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