SWTPC 6800

Brad H vintagecomputer at bettercomputing.net
Sat Aug 13 00:51:25 CDT 2016

Thanks!  I'm definitely enjoying my trips back to 1976.  My house is early 70s and in the basement with an old table and the terminal, computer and monitor I'm pretty much in 1976.  I really am hoping to learn how to program using the monitor... still don't completely understand how adding two digits to memory addresses makes it do something.
I'll probably leave the machine be.. it's a bit fragile.  Might be fun to get the disk card working and get a working drive for it.. although I have no software on disk.
Re: EPROM programming.. wish I could do that with my MSI 6800.. and get it back to stock config.  The homemade monitor it has is useless!

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On 2016-Aug-12, at 7:39 PM, Brad H wrote:
> There's no way to have both the MP-C and MP-S cards in the same machine and
> have the computer connected to one at a faster rate of speed is there?

As far the hardware goes, yes, you can have both cards in there operating at different speeds.

Your problem is getting SWTBUG to use the alternative serial card (port) for the loader command, rather than the console port.
To my recollection it (SWTBUG) is not programmed to provide for that.
 I have a vague recollection of some monitor that allowed one to redirect the I/O port for the subsequent command or something like that
 but it was probably for some other machine (don't have the command list for SWTBUG at hand).

So you could modify SWTBUG (typically with hand-assembled patches) and add a new facility and
burn a new EPROM to give you a monitor tailored for your system config.

Welcome to the world of hobbyist computing, 1976.

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