Front Panel - Update. - PDP=8/i and PDP-8/l - Bezels - PDP-11

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sat Aug 13 07:07:18 CDT 2016

    > From: Rod Smallwood

   > Please register interest in ... PDP-11 panels

It will depend on price - will they be the same as the PDP-8 panels (since
they are so similar)? If so, can you remind us of the pricing, please? If
not, any estimate?

I assume you'll eventually be doing all of them (/35, /40, /45, /50, /55, /70
- both variants), but the order will depend on interest? Do you have a /20
panel scan/measurements, to do that one too? If there is any interest in
/05-/10 panels, I have one and can scan it.

I can't recall any other models with front panels? (Well, the /74, but IIRC
there are none of those extant outside museums - although people might want
some for simulators.)


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