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Sat Aug 13 08:20:13 CDT 2016

On 13 August 2016 at 08:07, Noel Chiappa <jnc at> wrote:
> I can't recall any other models with front panels? (Well, the /74, but IIRC
> there are none of those extant outside museums - although people might want
> some for simulators.)

The whole list of PDP-11 models with any sort of front panel beyond
just an on/off switch is:
> 11/20 (11/15)
> 11/05 (11/10)
> 11/40 (11/35)
> 11/45 (11/50, 11/55)
> 11/70 (11/74)
> 11/34 (11/04, 11/34A) --- "Calculator" style panel (like an 8/A)
> 11/60 --- "Calculator" style panel.

I've put OEM machines, and machines that are otherwise identical, or
nearly so in parens. The '45 and '50 panels are the same except for
the number, while the '55 panel is painted completely differently. The
same goes for the '70 versus '74 panels: Same indicators and
everything, just completely different paint job.

The panel on the '74 is almost exactly like a standard '70 panel, just
its in "blue" (i.e. like the DECdatasystem-570 that Dave McGuire
owns). Compare:
11/74: <>
11/70: <>
The only other major difference between the '70 and '74 panels is that
the '74 uses the "chiclet" switches as on the '05/'10 instead of the
"normal" triangular plastic ones you find on a standard '70.

There's also different coloured versions for many of the panels too.
E.g. there's a brown-and-white '70 panel used in OEM typesetting
systems by CSI Systems (if I recall right). There's a blue-and-red '40
panel sold by DEC in their "INDUSTRIAL-11" version. A photo exists
showing an 11/20 and an 8/e in "labratory" green (i.e. the LAB-8/e
colour scheme).

With regards to the 11/74, last I heard there were no machines extant.
Apparently there's an 11/74 panel plexiglass "floating around", but I
don't recall who owns it.

As an aside thought: I'd love to see a "blue" 11/70 or an 11/74 panel
running with either blue LEDs or white LEDs. That would probably look
very nice… hopefully Rob will do a one of those panels because that
sounds like a fun project.


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