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Sat Aug 13 15:43:08 CDT 2016

On 13 August 2016 at 14:32, Don North <north at> wrote:
> Like this maybe:
Yes, exactly that one! Based on the rest of your e-mail I'm guessing
it's yours, right? Any chance you could get a higher res scan of it?

> This is a 'true' 11/74 panel from the never-production variation of the
> 11/74, with CIS.
> Not just a relabeled/recolored 11/70 panel. Note the additional LEDs on the
> right hand side.
> AFAIK no front panel exists that mates with this plexiglass.
Yeah, I can see that your panel is different from the other 11/74
panel. The 11/74 panel I linked was one of the four CPUs (CPU C as the
green sticker shows, and giant painted "C" indicates) of DEC's DAEMON
system (apparently it might also have been called PHEANX?) quad
processor setup.

More pictures here for people to oggle and drool over:

It looks like your 11/74 panel might have been designed for a mounting
similar to the other 11/74 (we'll call it DAEMON-type) panel mounting
(same visual style and colour scheme) which is distinctly different
from the standard 11/70 mounting (though the DAEMON panels all follow
the same general layout as an 11/70), though the actual mating PCB
would have been different, since the keylock and parity lights have
swapped places and the display indicator LEDs have been re-arranged.

> I also have a complete DEC DataSystem-570 panel (frame, plex, switches)
> which is just
> a standard 11/70 panel, but recolored in light blue / dark  blue / gray
> color scheme.
This might or might not be blasphemous to some, but I think the
DDS-570 colour scheme looks much nicer than the standard PDP-11 colour

Hmm, now I'm wondering how close of a match the "business system" blue
PDP-11/7x models match up against DEC's other blue coloured systems;
i.e. KL10s of the DECsystem-10xx flavour, PDP-15s, and the alternate
blue-coloured PDP-12

Actually speaking of the KL10, I forgot about the fact it's front-end
processor was a PDP-11/40 with an alternate colour scheme panel.

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