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Sat Aug 13 17:07:30 CDT 2016

I can see that one day's notice did not do much good. I am sorry, but
Atlanta is over 1500 miles from home for me, and I usually do not get much
notice. Next time I will try to give at least a week notice.


There can be absolutely no viewing on the weekends. That is out of the
question for him.


It is MUCH easier for him if I am there when people want to come and
scrounge. He is so busy, and his warehouse manager is usually tied up with
orders, and for safety reasons they can't just turn people loose. I am
usually there every couple of months.


Now that we have established that people will be allowed to come and choose
things, he is having the warehouse guys sort things into categories. Things
he wants to keep, and those he is willing to part with. Right now they are
scrapping all the HP 700/96, and the Wyse 60s. I asked him to hold onto a
dozen or so working Wyse 60s with keyboards for about 30 days. He will ship
them. Tested and working with complete tested keyboard he wants $80 per set
plus shipping.


The Teletype keyboard and the small keyboard have been sold. The Lear
terminal and the Burroughs are for sale, but not cheap. The Lear has been
repaired and is working. The Burroughs keyboard he wants $250 for. He did
not specify a price for the Lear, but you can always make a good offer.


Cindy Croxton

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