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Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sat Aug 13 18:09:26 CDT 2016

    > From: Christian Gauger-Cosgrove

    > There's also different coloured versions for many of the panels too.
    > ... There's a blue-and-red '40 panel sold by DEC in their
    > "INDUSTRIAL-11" version.

Also for the /70; I announced a couple of weeks back that I'd added a scan of
one to my PDP-11 stuff page:

    > From: Don North north at 

    > I also have a complete DEC DataSystem-570 panel ... which is just a
    > standard 11/70 panel, but recolored in light blue / dark blue / gray
    > color scheme.

One of those on that page, too. (Well, the plexiglass part. :-)

    > From: Christian Gauger-Cosgrove

    > This might or might not be blasphemous to some, but I think the DDS-570
    > colour scheme looks much nicer than the standard PDP-11 colour scheme.

I like them both... :-)

    > I'm wondering how close of a match the "business system" blue PDP-11/7x
    > models match up against DEC's other blue coloured systems; i.e. KL10s
    > of the DECsystem-10xx flavour

They are different; the 570 includes a deep blue (a royal/Prussian kind of
blue), and on the KL10 both are lighter.

    > it's front-end processor was a PDP-11/40 with an alternate colour
    > scheme panel

Actually, that is the only 'front panel' (lights and switches) on the KL10;
the KL10 CPU itself doesn't have one (unlike the KA10 and KI10).


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