Intel SDK-85 monitor ROM

Alexis Kotlowy thrashbarg at
Sat Aug 13 19:34:15 CDT 2016

On 13/08/2016 20:45, Chris Elmquist wrote:
> I believe I can help with this.  Although I do not have a spare
> device, I do have the binary as Intel hex as I had the same device
> fail on my SDK-85 and went through the exercise replacing it.  I'll
> report back off list once I dig up the file.
> Chris

Thanks for that. The ROM does the same thing! Ugh. What happens is the
display shows "8 0 ? ?" where '?' is an unknown pattern. My reasoning
behind it was it managed to output '80' then crashed when it went to
print '85'. Maybe the keyboard controller isn't working. Alternatively
the RAM might be bad. Bah. At least I can use my original ROM, maybe.

I wired up a 2732 on the prototype area to test the ROM. I don't have a
programmer for the 8755, but at least I'll be able to write and run a
few tests on it to track down the faulty component.



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