Imaging and Emulating Rainbow

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> Subject: Imaging and Emulating Rainbow
> I have a Rainbow 100+ with a working hard disk. I want to image the disk
> before it fails and then emulate the Rainbow. The disk is an RD51 and
> appears to have 4 partitions on it.
> For imaging my first thought is to put the disk into a MicroVAX II, net
boot the
> MicroVAX into VMS and do a BACKUP/PHYSICAL, copying the image to a
> SIMH tap file.  There shouldn't be any issues with this I assume?

Oh dear. VMS would not let me MOUNT/FOREIGN, it said:

	%MOUNT-F-FORMAT, invalid media format

So I couldn't mount it to do the BACKUP/PHYSICAL.

What options do I have to image this disk?



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