Imaging and Emulating Rainbow

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Sun Aug 14 12:38:09 CDT 2016

Thanks for that link with the files, that looks really useful. Is there a
zip of the whole lot anywhere or an FTP site, to make it easier to download?






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Am 14.08.2016 um 12:55 schrieb Rob Jarratt:

I have a Rainbow 100+ with a working hard disk. I want to image the disk
before it fails and then emulate the Rainbow. The disk is an RD51 and
appears to have 4 partitions on it.

I can't help but you make me remembering some files for the rainbow I got
from a nice guy in australia whos's playing mostly with his os/2 stuff ;-)

for my own CP/M systems I got a MFM Hard Disk Reader/Emulator from

It isn't useful for your part but with it I managed to replace my MFM-Drive
and store it in a saver place.




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