can anyone identify this terminal keyboard and pcb?

Sun Aug 14 16:35:21 CDT 2016

Hi Al -     if they are  itt courier  was  after my   days of buying scrap 
I am looking for the old  green terminals  we used to call green  frogs and 
would scap as  fast as we ended up with them...  now as a  memento some of 
wish we had saved one of the old  evil things...
also looking  for  ITT asciiscope  with the amber   screen and the acoustic 
coupler on the  top.
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In a message dated 8/14/2016 2:30:04 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,  
aek at writes:  (kb) (pcb)

I think it may be a  Courier. I bought the pcb, which has "C8080" on the sn 
so I'm  guessing it's Courier. Quite unusual with build-in modem. Will be  
the eproms soon, hopefully some text strings in there. The seller  ripped 
the terminals
apart years ago for the 8080s and didn't rember the  make/model, only that 
the case was

He got a pretty penny  for the crappy probably dead Keytronic foil/foam 
keyboard ($80)

Weird  thing is it looks like a Lear-Sieger pcb design, with the Molex 
power  connectors
and the color/font of the markings on the  silk-screen.

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