R: HP to acquire SGI

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Sun Aug 14 19:35:48 CDT 2016

On Sun, 14 Aug 2016, Steve Bez wrote:

> Have ideas but inflames the issue as those who might know where or what
> continue misinterpreted slang as belief from persons when machine tries all
> un mannered ways too oppo ate ,have sat for few years when knowing certain
> machine yells like that causing this reaction up too the point of watch it
> like Telly is actually unknown as herds follow alng so had too give up
> after trying chat as goes berserk in convinced non yells are from of things
> you would say as nots with non intentions how then lay it a self or group
> paranoi bash out of oo,dear there's lots of nasty people etc...
> IBM?

So what dressing goes best with Word Salad?


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