5150/5151 Video Card??

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Sun Aug 14 23:21:27 CDT 2016

That one has a lightpen connector, which his dorsn't.
Not usually important, but it might have other differences, such as 
different functions for the switchrs.

There were some MDA boards without printer.

Plugging 5151 into CGA could damage the 5151.
Even plugging it into EGA with wrong switch settings could.

On Sun, 14 Aug 2016, Chuck Guzis wrote:

> On 08/14/2016 06:22 PM, Win Heagy wrote:
>> Does anyone have any info on this video card?  I wasn't able to find
>> much.
>> https://imgur.com/a/TjIzL
>> The card came in a 5150, but whatever monitor they were using did
>> not come with the 5150.  I'd like to see if it's possible to use this
>> card with a 5151.
> This looks to be your card:
> https://th99.bl4ckb0x.de/v/U-Z/50348.htm
> In which case, no, it can't be used with a 5151.  Wrong scan
> frequencies, among other things.
> Monochrome cards should still be pretty common in the wild.  One
> distinguishing characteristic is that they usually feature a DB-25F
> connector for a printer port.
> The exceptions being few, such as the do-both-CGA-and-MDA ATI Small Wonder.
> --Chuck

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