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Mon Aug 15 08:12:19 CDT 2016

Major thing is ,what thought was read anyway, is the cycles followed by
what is or was a long time ago that SGI and dev with HP were beneath a
layer of pascal that IBM and the clones 'documented' before www internet
existed as a whole, Reason constantly given for these acts that you read
about but do not know if occur of not,especially if you rad IBM company as
buisness word of what other platforms were not ever f follow,etc, where
encryption of info attaches these cycles until the likes of un paralleled
complaints are read too allow reveals of squeeze Le mom races that these
indoctrinate round and round when they are not heards listen or at matter
too read but act. The fortran use openMP where Oracle was very long before
any that,the mainframe relevant other that also produced acts of authors
written upon the program as dive bomber pig win kill the lots? Where the
chair was not fabricated as build system control as believed university
professors etc,from the machines language,basically using USB plug in SAN
endevours G NAS outside of node which can predominate Java as noticed or
not other web info where you don't know the way back? This British
invention , Google ,which was packed into the index engine you use. This
the Memex dream never materialized ,when many knew it was not cycle 2000
u.k and outside its u.s.a as call DOS means hardware coded use,you see why
Java determines encryption basis as font weights and measures immediate
bomb into yell of describe hardware,DES into
r.s.a,limits,chain,table,state? Where parallel processing describes things
into immediate acts of the sum unrealized as puppet master gangs of doing
in too? Hence u.s.a cell phone believed as this is u.k? Besides Q was James
bind(Hence the bible & currency read as financial tic tac toe)left ever
simple for anyone too have or get,providing they don't run round the pole
making orders if every own? This QT4 too QTDesigner Nokia run into
Microsoft of Apple is now NY o go away,dart in a pub?
  Parallel processes with MIT mention or involved is totally different
computing Turing? Where you don't read or use math as you concider three
Rs,why rote spells that out into semantics each originated,yet again,tells
of unknown homo phone that you build reading at this role person you slag
off,so it's easy that you don't get as clockwork orange Rozzetta of symbol
sign and read of words written is just bake robot blame of get unheard
slang too have hitler love affairs of yelling into every not you swear you
would not ever do or be where you give and you say too try spell that into
see until there's no sence but ruled nonsence you use too bomb chaos in
feee HERES owned spooks of another ghost ship off .Where FPU is not math?
Turing graphs? Cycles that have iteration ,that you must follow a cross
many layered networks until you hear or read the notion to gear into the
cross word puzzles of info that event too show laplacian methods in vey
many why then GPU at parallel processing is punch card joke of ciggerret
vapors,up in smoke? SGI. Gree geek phonetic teak tree deforestation S cats
in Eco,ooo please no,ok?...

On Monday, August 15, 2016, Mark Linimon <linimon at lonesome.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 07:40:32AM -0400, Christian Liendo wrote:
> > I don't know about now, but SGI used to have a lot of Govt contracts
> > and a lot of oil companies as customers.
> IIRC Unisys eventually turned into a government contractor.
> The thing is, if you build an organization big enough to navigate the
> government biddding maze successfully, you have something of value,
> whether you still manufacture anything or not.
> Don't assume that I have a high opinion of this btw :-) , it's just
> a fact.
> mcl

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