5150/5151 Video Card??

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 15 08:05:25 CDT 2016

> My apologies for my previous post; I have not yet received the original
> post.  Thank you, Matt, for having quoted it.
> It does, indeed look like an aftermarket CGA.

I assume the 'CGA' in the name in the silkscreen is relevant!

> The DE connector on there is 9 pin (see solder side), and is probably CGA
> RGB.  (NOT VGA!!)

It only has 16K RAM, a pair of 4416s so it's not EGA or VGA.


There were a lot of 3rd party cards that could be configured (DIP switches)
to be either MDA (often hercules compatible graphics) or CGA. You had to
use the right monitor, of course.

A trace going to pin 7 of the DE9 is a clue (it's unused on the original CGA
board, it's video on the MDA) but not always. Some CGA-only cards put
the composite signal on pin 7. 


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