Real time video software for SGI computers

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Mon Aug 15 11:08:02 CDT 2016

> Hello all,
> I know that SGI machines are well know for high end 3D graphics that are
> not real time (Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump and the like. But was there ever
> any real time 2D/3D graphics programs for title generation to replace a
> stand alone  Chyron unit for making opening/closing titles and lower 1/3
> graphics?
> If so what system would be the best to use, I was thinking an O2 since it
> is small and has a low power consumption along with standard composite
> video output.
> Thanks,

Was just a hobbyist but don't remember anything like the Video Toaster per 
say for the SGI. There is Lightwave 3D, and some of the Discreet stuff on 
it. Also Maya3D I think it was? One of the other 3D packages. You could do 
titles in 3d application then either genlock it or telecine it?

I think most of the uses for the SGI stuff were either 3d rendering type 
applications, high resolution paint box type stuff for re-painting frames, 
high rate HD editing type stuff? Maybe color correction. Also Telecine 
(scanning frames from film for editing then the frames are re-recorded to 
film, like removing wires from hanging actors or something?)

Not condoning piracy but there was a number of IRIX apps on The Pirate 
Bay. Almost all of the software would be legacy at this point. I know one 
of them (was it Maya?) made a free license for hobbyists on the PC 
editions but wouldn't generate the keys for the IRIX editions.

Adobe premiere existed for the SGI as well, but I don't think SGI was ever 
a video editing powerhouse since it could be done with cheaper computers 
and didn't need the SGI capabilities unless it was high resolution / high 

 			- Ethan

Ethan O'Toole

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