can anyone identify this terminal keyboard and pcb?

Brad H vintagecomputer at
Mon Aug 15 11:52:03 CDT 2016

I will confess that was me that bought that thing.  I've become a bit of a keyboard aficionado ever since getting into my TVT project.  Where they are of a certain vintage I collect them either just to enjoy as a visual piece or to use in some future project.  $80 is up there but not at all unusual these days, esp. with the deskthority/geekhack guys all over this stuff.

I've tried nailing down what terminal it came from looking at hundreds of pictures but no dice.  I didn't know about those frog terminals.. hah.  Those things look like they belong as an accessory to an AMC Gremlin. :)

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I think it may be a Courier. I bought the pcb, which has "C8080" on the sn label so I'm guessing it's Courier. Quite unusual with build-in modem. Will be dumping the eproms soon, hopefully some text strings in there. The seller ripped the terminals apart years ago for the 8080s and didn't rember the make/model, only that the case was two-tone.

He got a pretty penny for the crappy probably dead Keytronic foil/foam keyboard ($80)

Weird thing is it looks like a Lear-Sieger pcb design, with the Molex power connectors and the color/font of the markings on the silk-screen.

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