CDC 6600 Manuals

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Aug 15 13:36:04 CDT 2016

On 08/15/2016 10:03 AM, Al Kossow wrote:

> On 8/15/16 9:21 AM, william degnan wrote:
>> one last comment....learning here, did not know the connection
>> between cyber 70 and the 6600.  Thanks
> yes, it's confusing and you aren't the first person confused by it.

If you had a 6400 and a Cyber 73 sitting side-by-side, stripped of their
"skins", it would be difficult for the average person to tell the

CDC management went a bit bonkers, re-christening old hardware with the
"Cyber" tag.  In particular, I observed that the STAR-100 was re-dubbed
the "Cyber 200" almost at the end of its product life.  I'm not aware of
a 100 ever bearing the "CYBER" nameplate.

But at bitsavers, that's where you have to look--the "Cyber"
subdirectory--even though the 200 and its ilk had nothing in common with
the other machines dubbed "Cyber".


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