DEC PDP bits and Programma 101 available

Erik W. vier321 at
Mon Aug 15 14:17:31 CDT 2016

Dear reader,

For a serious enthusiast or museum I have available:

  * Olivetti Programma 101 calculator

  * DEC GT40 grapic display terminal
  * DEC VT05, first DEC terminal
  * DEC PC04 paper tape reader/punch for PDP-8
  * DEC TU60 DECassette dual tape drive with two tapes mounted
  * DEC VR14 vector monitor; can be used directly with the VT11 below
  * VT11 display processor backplane + boards + LK40 keyboard
    + original 375 light pen.  Everything to turn any UNIBUS machine
    into a "GT40" Moonlander capable system.
  * 21" BA11 box used to mount an 11/40 or 11/45 for example
  * Lots of smaller DEC parts like filler panels; please ask

Located in the Netherlands; local pickup much preferred.  Would
consider a trade for pre-1975 DEC bits or a simple cash deal.

Thanks, Erik


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