HP to acquire SGI

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>>> On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 12:49:29PM -0700, Fred Cisin wrote:
>>>> I still don't understand what his motivation is.
>>> It could just be mental illness :-(
>> I thought it was just autocorrect on Android.
>I thought his Markov chain needed oiling.
>But seriously, I didn't know that any pieces of SGI were still around
>to acquire.

That I did know.  I rode that horse down the mountain during the Rackable take over and I left in 2010.  Most everything relating to OS, BIOS, networking and system management software  is done here in Eagan, MN and manufacturing is done in Chippewa Falls WI in two former Cray facilities.  They still build two primary architecture types, a scale out cluster called Altix ICE (which I worked on) and a scale up shared memory design called UV.  HP have been partnering with them on deals with this later product for some time, so there is strong belief that that is one piece that will be preserved.

Chris Elmquist

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