Spam [was Re: still looking for that stuff?]

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Aug 16 09:44:02 CDT 2016

> Firstly, there are many types of unwanted e-mail, and using the term
> SPAM to cover them all is a dis-service.

Using the term SPAM to cover any of them is a disservice - to Hormel,
who has been relatively gracious about the use of "spam" for something
other than their product.

Of course, posting on a list like this is not something trademark law
generally applies to, so it us unlikely to lead to immediate legal
repurcussions.  But it is good to get into appropriate habits, and it
is good to try to cooperate with companies who are trying to cooperate
with us.

> The e-mail in question was not one of those, it was almost certainly
> sent by a criminal attempting to steal and re-sell some ones
> credentials.

It can still be spam.  It was unsolicited and it was email; the only
leg of the UBE tripod that's questionable is the "bulk" one, and I have
little doubt there.

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