SWTPC 6800

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You don't type in S1 records at the monitor prompt.  If anything you'd want
to download a text file that simulates monitor commands to load memory,
 but it's a lot slower.

I haven't been reading all of the posts in this thread, but have you tried
following something like the instructions here to download a tape, I have
documented how to use a terminal to download TSC BASIC into an SWTPC using
a laptop serial port (or USB to Serial):



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> Thanks Brent.  So when I hit the end of an 'S' record line.. is it just a
> Line Feed I need to go to the next?  Or just type the next S record right
> in
> behind it?
> Also curious about how you type S records at the monitor prompt.  I'm
> reading and trying to figure out how to do that.
> Many thanks!
> Brad
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> Yes, the monitor just sees bytes coming at it, it can't distinguish whether
> they're typed or coming from a host/machine,  as long as the byte sequence
> accords with the Motorola S record format.
> You can formulate your own S records and type them at the monitor, too.
> On 2016-Aug-16, at 9:09 AM, Brad H wrote:
> > Another question if I may -- for a short TXT loader file.. could I
> > manually enter the information contained therein with my terminal?
> > I'm just thinking for a quick memory test, etc -- it'd be six of one
> > half a dozen of the other in terms of time to hook up a PC terminal and
> send the file..
> >
> > If I were to hit L to put the 6800 into load mode, could I then just
> > type out the contents of the loader file with the CT1024's keyboard?

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