HP to acquire SGI

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Tue Aug 16 15:13:08 CDT 2016

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> That I did know.  I rode that horse down the mountain during the Rackable
> take over and I left in 2010.  Most everything relating to OS, BIOS, networking
> and system management software  is done here in Eagan, MN and
> manufacturing is done in Chippewa Falls WI in two former Cray facilities.
> They still build two primary architecture types, a scale out cluster called Altix
> ICE (which I worked on) and a scale up shared memory design called UV.  HP
> have been partnering with them on deals with this later product for some
> time, so there is strong belief that that is one piece that will be preserved.
> --
> Chris Elmquist

And that last piece I thought was impressive one too.

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