PDP11GUI 1.48

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at t-online.de
Tue Aug 16 12:56:24 CDT 2016


a new release of PDP11GUI is online, with lots of enhancements:

- new disk driver RK611 for RK06/RK07
- Support for Robotron A6402 PDP-11/23 clone
- Support for PDP-11/44 with console firmware v3.40C
- after loading of new machine description file,
   show "Restart?" message. Default is now a PDP-11 with all peripherals 
build in,
   not the "minimal" machine.
- added 2K chip size and "single word" in memory tester.
- If windows font magification > 100 %, memory table form disturbed.
- Long running console access now with progress bar and "Abort" button
- serial format (8N1, 7E1 etc) selectable.

- Migration to GitHub, sources available.

Download from  https://github.com/j-hoppe/PDP11GUI/releases


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