DEC Indicator Panels page

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Aug 17 22:06:24 CDT 2016

    > From: Mike Ross

    > Here's the FP15 you were looking for... 

Oooh, thanks; I had that image, wasn't exactly sure what it was.

I hadn't done much with the PDP-15 panels, in part because it wasn't my focus
(the -11) panels, in part because it seemed like there were a ton of them, in
the -15 pictures I had.

I have now put a few cycles into them, and have identified the RF11 and TC11
as well, and added them to the page (crummy images from scanned manuals,

There are still some other -15 panels showing up in pictures, which I have no
idea about. To start with, there's this image:

That's clearly an FP15 on the lower left, and I have identified the center one
as a TC15, but what are the other two?

And here's one with two _more_ different panels:

The one on the right does _not_ seem to be a TC15...

And then there are:

but those seem to be the same as in the first one.


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